Monday, April 05, 2010

An update

Okay, so mom brought to my attention that it had been over a years since we've posted here. We've accumulated quite a following considering that fact, so I'm really going to try and post more regularly. I'm thinking of weekly posting recipes I made throughout the week, along with our menus from each day, or something along those lines. If there are any particular requests you'd like to make, or questions, feel free to ask! Tomorrow is baking day, so I'll be sure to get lots of pictures and some recipes to share with you!
We've drastically changed our cooking habits recently, almost completely eliminating processed foods, such as boxed mixes, shortening, and things like that, so I am in the process of going through some of our older posts, and cleaning up some of the post that are entirely composed of these ingredients, and changing some of them, like our Chocolate chip cookie recipe, which we now just use butter instead of shortening. I will also be cleaning up some of the posts, changing pictures, and editing out some typos, and changing the format. I'll try to do something with the layout soon as well!!


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